Frequently asked questions

General FAQs

How can I book a counselling appointment?
Use our contact form or call our reception team on (03) 8595 5294. They will book you a 15 minute intake call with our intake coordinator Rebekah who will listen to what you need and match you with the right psychologist.

How long is your waiting list?
We try not to have a waiting list and usually have new client appointments available within a week or two. You might need to wait longer if the appointment is for a child or if you have specific appointment requirements (eg specific practitioner, or specific days or times).

Do you see children and teenagers?
Yes. Some of our practitioners see children and adolescents. There can be a wait of a month or longer at times due to high demand. Our intake coordinator Rebekah will stay in touch and share some resources relevant to your needs while you wait.

Can I still do my appointment by telehealth?
Yes. All of our psychologists offer telehealth appointments using the Coviu platform. Its as easy as clicking the link we send you. You don't need any apps or downloads.

Can I do my appointment in person instead of telehealth?
Yes. Most of our practitioners are also offering in-person appointments on some days. There is usually a slightly longer wait for new clients wanting in-person appointments compared to telehealth.

Can I choose Essendon or Camberwell?
At the moment you can see our psychologists in Essendon or via telehealth from anywhere. We are seeing our Camberwell clients by telehealth only.

Do you have evening and weekend appointments?
Yes. We offer appointments on Saturdays and some evenings with advanced notice.

What is your cancellation policy?
We know unexpected things happen. If you need to cancel or change your appointment please give us as much notice as possible so we can offer that time to another client. If you cancel an appointment with less that 24 hours notice or do not attend your scheduled appointment you may be charged our cancellation fee even if you appointment fee is usually covered by a third party like TAC.

Do I need to choose a psychologist?
No. When you talk to our intake coordinator Rebekah she will ask you some questions so that she can match you with the right psychologist at the right time. The more flexible you are about who you see and when, the shorter your wait will be.

What's a Mental Health Care Plan?
A Mental Health Care Plan is a plan your GP can fill in with you about seeing a psychologist for support with a mental health condition. If you have a mental health care plan you are eligible for Medicare rebates.

Are you NDIS registered providers?
We see clients who are NDIS participants who are self-managed or plan-managed. We cannot see clients who are NDIA managed. Check with your support coordinator if you are unsure.

Are you TAC and Workcover providers?
Yes. You will need to provide an approval letter from TAC or Workcover when you book your appointment with us.

Referrals & Rebates

Do I need a referral for counseling appointments?
No. You can book an counseling appointment without a referral. If you have a referral from your GP, psychiatrist or paediatrician you may be eligible for Medicare rebates.

Do I need a referral for neuropsychological assessments?
It is best to have a referral from a health practitioner or support coordinator but we also accept self-referrals.

Is there a Medicare rebate for neuropsychological assessments?
No. There is currently no medicare rebate available for neuropsychology assessments.

Can I use my private health cover for counselling or neuropsychology assessment appointments?
Yes. Check with your fund to understand your psychology cover.

Do I need a new referral to move from face-to-face to telehealth appointments?
No. A valid referral from your GP or other referrer will remain valid regardless of whether your appointments are face-to-face or via telehealth. This also applies to referrals from TAC, Workcover, BUPA, DVA, NDIS, AFLPA and some other organisations.

Telehealth FAQs

What are telehealth psychology appointments?
Psychology appointments that take place over the phone or on a video conference are called 'telehealth' appointments.

Do I need to install an app?
No, there is no program or app to download or install. If you have a computer, phone or ipad with an internet connection it is as easy as clicking a link that is sent in the appointment reminder.

What telehealth platform do you use?
We an app called Coviu for our video appointments. Coviu is simple to use, and designed especially for telehealth appointments. You will receive an email invitation with your Coviu link once your appointment has been scheduled. Just click the link and you'll be on the call.

What if I prefer a phone call instead of a video appointment?
No problem. Let our reception team know and the psychologist will call you at your appointment time.

Will I receive my usual Medicare rebate for telehealth appointments?
Yes. If you would usually receive a Medicare rebate for a face-to-face appointment then you will receive the same Medicare rebate for a telehealth appointment. The Australian Government has introduced new Medicare guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic to accommodate these changes.

Will I receive my usual rebate from my private health fund?
Yes, most private health funds are continuing to provide their usual rebates for psychology appointments via telehealth during the COVID-19 pandemic. Contact your fund to check on your specific circumstances.

Neuropsychology FAQs

How is a neuropsychologist different to other psychologists?
Neuropsychologists are psychologists with extra training in the connection between brain function and everyday function. We know how the brain develops and changes across the lifespan, what it does, how it affects learning and life, and what might help when you notice a problem.

What is a neuropsychological assessment?
Neuropsychology work is a bit like detective work. Neuropsychologists gather information and look for clues about thinking and wellbeing. Your neuropsychologist will talk with you and/or your family members to understand any concerns you may have. They will then do a detailed assessment that includes writing or drawing, solving puzzles, and answering questions. Some of these tests are presented on a computer and others use paper and pencil. You will also complete questionnaires that ask you about your mood and other psychological symptoms. If your child is referred for an assessment, you may be asked to complete questionnaires about their behaviour.

How long does an assessment take?
Assessments usually take around 5 hours to complete. This is often completed on one day with lots of opportunity for breaks, but you can talk to your neuropsychologist about splitting it over a couple of days if you prefer.

Do I need to prepare for the assessment?
There is no need to study for a neuropsychology assessment. The best way to prepare is to have a good night's sleep, adequate breakfast, don't drink any alcohol, and take your usual medications.

What do I bring to an assessment?
It is important to bring glasses and/or hearing aids if you wear them, any medications you need to take, a drink and/or snacks. We have tea and coffee making facilities at Launch Psychology and there are plenty of caf├ęs nearby where you can purchase food during breaks.

What happens after the assessment?
The neuropsychologist will spend some time going over your results and will write a report. They will make another appointment with you to discuss the results and can also talk with other people involved in your care.

Will I receive a Medicare rebate for a neuropsychology assessment?
No. Medicare does not cover neuropsychology services. You can check with your private health fund to see if any rebates are available. Contact your fund to check on your specific circumstances.