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Profile Picture Rebekah Volpe

Rebekah Volpe

Intake Coordinator & Social Worker

I am a social worker with more than 20 years experience working with people living with mental health issues, and legal, housing, employment, trauma, parenting and other issues. I have worked extensively with people from migrant and other diverse backgrounds including people who have come to Australia as refugees. As the Intake Coordinator at Launch, my job is to support our new clients before their first appointment with our psychologists. I do that by having a chat about their situation, booking their first appointment with the right psychologist for them, and sharing some resources that might be of interest in the meantime. I also help people work out what to do next when Launch can't offer the service they need. Referrers can contact me to ask about our service too. Outside of work I enjoy staying active spending time with my three children, and traveling to new destinations.

Profile Picture Dr Daniela De Fazio

Dr Daniela De Fazio

Director, Psychologist & Clinical Neuropsychologist

I enjoy sharing knowledge with my clients about the psychology behind actions that enhance wellbeing and performance, giving meaning and purpose to everyday life. Through my work with the AFL Player's Association, this also includes supporting athletes to get the most out of their off-field life to enhance their on-field performance. I work with adults using values and personal strengths and hope to provide a space for discovery, connection, and setting goals for better health and wellbeing. When I'm not on-the-go with my three boisterous boys, I enjoy great conversation over good food, keeping fit, and family holidays.

Profile Picture Dr Brooke Davis

Dr Brooke Davis (She/Her)

Director, Psychologist & Clinical Neuropsychologist

I am interested in the possibilities that come when brain science meets the practical art of thriving. I see people at all stages of the lifespan and aim to provide the time and space people need to create positive change in a busy world. My focus is on personal strengths and values-based action. Until 2021 I was also a Senior Clinical Neuropsychologist at St Vincent's Hospital. Outside of work, I am a mum and my favourite things about Melbourne are running around the city, jumping in autumn leaves and big cups of coffee.

Profile Picture Lauren Jackman

Lauren Jackman (She/Her)


I am a psychologist who has recently completed a Master of Professional Psychology after a decade of supporting vulnerable children and their families in other clinical roles. At Launch Psychology I support women, new mothers, families and children. People see me for telehealth appointments about a range of issues including anxiety, depression and adjustment to change. I use an evidence-based practice to understand each person's situation, help them set goals, and move in the direction that's important to them (even during the pandemic!). In another workplace I also write in depth reports and workshop ways forward for children and young people with trauma backgrounds. Outside of work, I am a mother to three active children and I strive to live a full and adventurous life.

Profile Picture Zahraa Abdelzaher

Zahraa Abdelzaher

Clinical Psychologist

Clients see me for a range of social, emotional and behavioural challenges. I aim to support people in feeling empowered and equipped with the skills necessary to achieve their full potential. In my private practice work I see both adults and children, creating an empathetic, creative and meaningful space for growth and positive change. In my public health role I work with adults in an outpatient setting delivering psychological interventions for a range of complex mental health conditions. I have an interest in working with trauma related difficulties and can offer specific treatment for PTSD. When I am away from work I enjoy spending time with the people I love most and brunching through Melbournes local cafes.

Profile Picture Linda Williamson

Linda Williamson (She/Her)

Psychologist & Clinical Neuropsychologist

I work with clients to discover, build, or reconnect with their individual strengths and what matters most to them so they can flexibly navigate the challenges life sometimes throws in our paths. These can include physical or mental wellbeing, dealing with the everyday impacts of thinking or memory difficulties, managing life transitions or simply feeling stuck and unable to move forward. My approach is informed by my experience as a senior clinical neuropsychologist in neurological rehabilitation, alcohol/ other drugs, community and justice settings. I currently teach in a postgraduate neuropsychology program and provide supervision to trainee and established neuropsychologists. My passions outside of work include being a mum to two energetic kids, travel and undertaking increasingly complex baking projects.

Profile Picture Carly James

Carly James (She/Her)

Psychologist & Clinical Neuropsychologist

People of all ages see me for clinical neuropsychological assessment and for support with everyday problems. I have worked with people across the lifespan, including with children and adults with ADHD, other cognitive or learning difficulties, and complex medical and social backgrounds. I also work at a Melbourne-based assessment clinic with children and their families. Outside of work, I enjoy the beach, spending time with family and friends, good coffee and good food.

Profile Picture Dr Josie Sinni

Dr Josie Sinni (She/Her)

Psychologist & Clinical Neuropsychologist

I am a registered psychologist and clinical neuropsychologist with over 15 years of experience in a range of hospital and community settings. My qualifications include a Bachelor of Applied Science with Honours degree and a Doctoral degree in Clinical Neuropsychology. I value building a strong therapeutic relationship with my clients, and aim to create an environment that is collaborative and supportive. My practice is built upon the use of evidence-based approaches, and I work with my clients to develop meaningful goals and facilitate positive life change. I support people who are experiencing a range of issues, such as neurological conditions, anxiety conditions, depression, and adjustment disorder. Outside of work I love running, going to the beach, and spending time with my family and friends.

Profile Picture Dr Amy Loughman

Dr Amy Loughman (She/Her)

Psychologist & Clinical Neuropsychology Registrar

I’m a registered psychologist with a Master’s degree in Clinical Neuropsychology, and a PhD in psychology. People see me for thorough, considered neuropsychological assessments and ACT-based psychological therapy. I am passionate about seeing challenges as opportunities for growth and integrating scientific evidence into everyday life. I have worked in health research since 2010, spanning topics such as epilepsy, depression, anxiety, dementia and child behaviour. I love swimming in open water, tending to my indoor plants and cooking.

Profile Picture Hana McDonald

Hana McDonald (She/Her)

Psychologist & Clinical Neuropsychology Registrar

I am a registered psychologist and have worked with clients across medical and treatment settings on the Gold Coast, in Hobart and in Melbourne. Some clients see me about living well with new or chronic health conditions. Others see me to learn new ways to navigate the tough stuff of life so they can live with meaning and purpose, whatever that means to them. I am currently completing my PhD in Epilepsy research at The University of Melbourne. I also work as a Clinical Neuropsychology Registrar at St Vincent's Hospital. In my spare time I enjoy discovering new places to hike, tending to my indoor plants, and a hit of squash.

Profile Picture Dr Leonie Simpson

Dr Leonie Simpson (She/Her)

Psychologist & Clinical Neuropsychologist

Leonie is a very experienced neuropsychologist who has worked as a senior clinician in the public and private sectors. She takes a caring and careful approach to neuropsychology assessments. She is skilled at assessing the impact of brain injuries, illnesses and mood and emotional issues on cognitive strengths and weaknesses. This information can be used in diagnosis, treatment or management and funding or compensation applications. Leonie also has extensive experience in the assessment of decision making capacity as well as a person's ability to engage with legal processes.

Profile Picture Jessamae (Mae) Pieters

Jessamae (Mae) Pieters (She/Her)

Psychologist and Clinical Neuropsychologist

I am a registered psychologist and clinical neuropsychologist that has worked in a variety of healthcare services across public and private sectors in Melbourne, providing both assessments and ongoing therapy. I work collaboratively and compassionately with people who are experiencing challenges in their lives, to support improvements in their mental health and wellbeing. I have worked with individuals who experience difficulties with their mental health, are living with a neurological condition, and those who are neurodiverse. Alongside my role at Launch, I also work in a busy inpatient mental health service and in research at The University of Melbourne. Outside of work, I love catching up with friends and reading in the afternoon sunshine. I am also exploring my creative side, so will often be trying out new creative hobbies, such as painting, drawing or cross-stitch.

Profile Picture Kristal Lau

Kristal Lau (She/Her)

Psychologist & Clinical Neuropsychologist

I am a registered psychologist and clinical neuropsychologist who has worked broadly across public and private settings providing neuropsychological assessment and counselling. I bring a warm and collaborative approach while working with adolescents and young adults to grow through their challenges and reach their best selves. People who have seen me include those who live with learning and neurodevelopmental differences, had brain tumours and other neurological conditions, and those wanting extra support with their mental health and wellbeing. My practice is informed by my work in the out-of-home care sector, a learning difficulties and ADHD clinic, and paediatric research at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute. Outside of work, I love new food experiences, trying crochet projects, and enjoying a good book in the sunshine.

Profile Picture Anita Dharan

Anita Dharan (She/Her)

Currently on extended leave

I’m a registered psychologist with a Master’s in Clinical Neuropsychology, and am in my final year of a PhD. I have enjoyed working in a range of jobs in busy hospital neuroscience departments across Melbourne for more than 10 years. Currently, I share my time at Launch with work as a research psychologist in a large public hospital and as a lecturer in psychology. At Launch, people see me to get a clearer picture of their thinking and memory skills through a neuropsychological assessment. This includes exploring personal strengths and areas of thinking where minds might need extra support. I work with people of different ages, including children and older adults, who may be experiencing learning difficulties, chronic illness, neurological conditions or other challenging life circumstances. Outside of work, you'll find me pottering around book stores, or walking by the Yarra.

Profile Picture Dr Kirrily Rogers

Dr Kirrily Rogers (She/Her)

Psychologist and Clinical Neuropsychologist

I work collaboratively with people who are facing new challenges – a medical diagnosis, a change in lifestyle, loss or bereavement - to refocus on their values and develop skills to live alongside these challenges. I also work in a public hospital, primarily with patients and their families, who are affected by progressive neurological diseases (e.g. dementia). I am actively involved in dementia research and use this to inform my clinical practice. In my spare time, I love spending time with my family, travelling, and gardening.

Profile Picture Natasha Alessi

Natasha Alessi

Psychologist and Clinical Neuropsychologist

I am a psychologist and clinical neuropsychologist who has worked within a wide range of settings across Australia. I enjoy working in collaboration with my clients to help them understand their thoughts and behaviours and to develop tools to tackle life’s challenges. I aim to bring a non-judgemental and empathetic approach to each client. I incorporate a holistic approach to my assessments and therapy while also integrating evidence-based methods with the aim of improving not only mental health but general wellbeing. In my personal time, I enjoy going on adventures with my dog, cooking, and spending time with family and friends.

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